Lockdown – Working from home

  Well what a week this has been. Being made to stay home and not leave the house is most…

30 Mar 2020

Starting sixth form or college? Welcome to responsibility.

It seems like only yesterday you were celebrating your last day of school before an exciting summer break. You’ve finished…

03 Sep 2019
Girl huddled with adult offering helping hand.

Pure O – The unspoken OCD​

Recently I have been working with a couple of clients to combat their Purely Obsessional OCD or Pure O as…

17 Aug 2019
Sunset over beautiful ocean

What to do when your anxiety feels as overwhelming as this heatwave

The heatwave we have experienced this week has left the country in tatters. In a country like England it is…

27 Jul 2019

Treating Anxiety In Children and Adolescents

More than 1 in 10 people are likely to have a disabling anxiety disorder in their lifetime. With the prominence…

03 Jul 2019
woman running on beach

Post-May Day Blues – and how to beat them!

That Monday Feeling We’re all familiar with that Sunday feeling. The feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach…

07 May 2019
Woman worrying and holding her forehead

Menopause – Not just a hot flush

About 5 years ago I became irritable, moody, negative, felt overwhelmed and was prone to crying for no reason, my…

11 Mar 2019

Children’s Mental Health Week

The week is spent advising schools, parents and carers on the importance of positive mental health for our children and…

04 Feb 2019

Resolutions – There are no rules

Hi! Welcome to my page and thanks for joining me. Like everyone else I know I have made resolutions for…

09 Jan 2019