Have you booked a holiday and while the rest of your friends/family are excited you are terrified at the thought of flying?

Are you frightened of Spiders, heights, dentist, needles or have another irrational fear?

If so, hypnotherapy can help you by removing the fear and allowing you to experience the situation in a calm and controlled manner.

So, while you might not learn to like spiders you will certainly be able to share a room with them.

Most phobias or fears can be resolved in 4 sessions however some phobias can’t be helped so quickly, such as emetophobia, claustrophobia or agoraphobia.

These types of phobias are usually experienced when a person has a lot of stress or anxiety in their life. The stress / anxiety builds up over time and then manifests into a condition that can severely limit the enjoyment of life for the individual, even prevent them pursuing jobs or delay having a family.

In this instance we would work together to reduce the stress and/or anxiety using talking therapy and trance.  Once the anxiety was reduced to a sufficient degree, we would approach resolving the phobia / fear directly.

If you would like to discuss your fear or phobia please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page and we will arrange a call to talk through which option would be the best for you.