Educational & Research
Using a simplified explanation of the brain, I can help your teams understand why we suffer with mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, Insomnia and depression and what we can do about it. Educating and sharing vital tools and tips to empower your employees, helping them understand how they can be happy, confident, and motivated not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives.
Using the tools gifted to each employee, I discuss research to support thinking in a positive way, being active in a positive way and interacting in a positive way.
The information provided is designed to educate your employees so that they take away knowledge that can be implemented in their day to day lives. It enables them to make small changes to the way they approach difficulties in their personal and professional lives.

Fun & Interactive
Visual demonstration to show how our mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. I show how powerful the mind is and how our thoughts can create physical reactions and responses in the body.
Although the subject matter is of a very serious nature, the session is designed to be light humoured while remaining sensitive and mindful of any individuals who may be suffering with mental health conditions.

Deep relaxation
Using voice induction, I take your employees on a 30 minute deep relaxation, sharing a visual journey that includes positive language, affirmations and much more. In this time, your employees will have time for positive reflection and relaxation, leaving them feeling refreshed and motivated.

Additional Information & Fee
Each session is approximately two hours long and includes time to answer any questions. It is recommended that a maximum of 10 persons per session attend to allow time for questions and individual advice and support if needed.
I provide each employee with a gift bag full of helpful tools to encourage positive thoughts, a calm mindset and restful sleep.
A deep relaxation download is available to each employee – this aids restful and productive sleep by encouraging the mind to relax.
A discount worth £60 towards Hypnotherapy sessions is provided to each employee that attends.
Fee is £250 per session (max 10 employees).