Successfully helping children with anxiety, loss of confidence, stress, low mood and self-harm.

Sessions: Usually 8 – 12
Please note results can vary.



Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works best with children from the age of 8 and can help your child to overcome and manage overwhelming conditions such as: anxiety, loss of confidence, stress, low mood or self-harm. 

Anxiety affects children in different ways, some refuse to go to school, some become fearful of being in crowds and slowly disengage from family and social events, some are experiencing bullying at school or on social media, while some may have experienced traumatic events – whatever the reason, I can help.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is extremely beneficial for children as they have limited life experiences and no misconceptions about hypnosis. We usually find that we can work faster with a child than an adult!

Using the very latest techniques, and based on the most current research in neuroscience, we can help your child achieve fast, long-term results and provide them with lifelong tools that will assist them moving forward!

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and fun therapy. After the Initial Consultation there is no reason to revisit the reasons for their anxiety, instead we help them refocus their thoughts to the things that they enjoy every day instead of harbouring all the negatives thoughts and feelings.

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