Chronic pain can prevent us from having a fulfilled life, it stops us from doing the things we enjoy and living the life we want. It can be debilitating and frustrating and can lead to feelings of unhappiness and anxiety.

Sessions: Usually 8 – 12
Please note results can vary.


It is important to know that when we feel pain it is a message from our body advising us that something is wrong, this is helpful with acute pain, however the persistence of chronic pain can be very difficult to manage.

It’s interesting to notice that when we mindfully focus on the pain it can feel much worse and then we have times when the pain subsides or lessens – this is usually because we have shifted our focus and become absorbed in something else, something that maybe gives us pleasure or enjoyment. What we have here is a shift in mindset and this is something that Hypnotherapy can help promote.

Hypnotherapy works by helping you move your focus away from the areas of your life that are negative and can cause distress or worry and encourages you to focus on the things that you enjoy like friends, family, events, and activities. It is a very natural and relaxing process that uses talking therapy and trance to help you be the best you can be and feel happy and confident again.