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Welcome to Havisham Hypnotherapy.
I am Caron Iley, a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist based in Bolton Greater Manchester.
I am also a Senior Lecturer at CPHT Leeds and a Solution Focused Supervisor.

Havisham Hypnotherapy What To Expect
Therapy session

What To Expect

Your experience begins with an Initial Consultation where you can comfortably discuss your reasons for seeking hypnotherapy and your goals for the future.
We then arrange your subsequent sessions.

Havisham Hypnotherapy Let's talk Neuroscience
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Let's talk Neuroscience

Solution focused Hypnotherapy is based on the very latest Neuroscience. I share knowledge helping you to understand the science behind why we suffer with these conditions and how we can overcome them.

Havisham Hypnotherapy FAQ's
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Want to learn more?
I've put together some Q&A's to help you understand if Hypnotherapy will help you move forward to be the best you can be.
Find out more here:

Hypnotherapy in Bolton & Online across the UK

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a positive, forward thinking therapy that can help you relax your mind, gain control, enjoy your life and feel like the real you again!

Using the very latest techniques, and based on the most current research in neuroscience, I can help you to achieve fast, long-term results.

Hypnotherapy is best described as a combination of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. While Psychotherapy is a useful tool for the treatment of most ailments of the mind, when combined with hypnosis it allows the subconscious mind to encourage and make changes that benefit you.
I practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in my therapy room located in Bolton BL6 4EN and online locally and Internationally. I focus on helping you find solutions for the future and we do not dwell on your past. The techniques I use are designed to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and relax the mind so that you can once again feel calm and positive, more like you again.

If you have found yourself asking any of the questions below then maybe it’s time for you to book an Initial Consultation to see if I can help:

When did I stop doing the things that I enjoy?

Why don’t I have anything to look forward to?

Why am I always feeling fed up and unhappy?

Why have I lost confidence or dislike my appearance?

Why do I always feel stressed & tired?

Why do I feel anxious, panicked or have a feeling of dread

There is no need to suffer any longer, I can help