Whether you want to lose a few pounds, have a better relationship with food or be more committed to a healthier lifestyle, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you set goals and keep them! You are one click away from a happier, more confident you.

Sessions: Usually 8 – 12
Please note results can vary.



We know that when we eat less and move more, we lose weight.

However sometimes we lack the motivation to make the changes, finding it easier to keep doing the same things, repeating the same habits that make us more and more unhappy.

Using neuro-based research, I help you understand the area of the mind that encourages us to repeat patterns of behaviour that are negative and difficult to move away from. You will also gain an understanding of how you can access the area of the mind that is positive and motivated. Having that knowledge will empower you to make the decisions that will help you achieve your goals.

Using the very latest neuroscience, trance and talking therapy we will work together to help you feel more confident about you and your body.

You will learn to make better choices for a new, healthier you!