Hypnotherapy can help reduce the symptoms associated with feelings of anger. Using the latest neuroscience to help you to understand, not only why we suffer with these conditions, but also how we can manage them.

Sessions: Usually 8 – 12
Please note results can vary.


It’s normal to feel angry now and then, sometimes it’s helpful!

Sometimes we need the adrenaline that comes with feelings of anger to help us get through a difficult situation

However sometimes anger becomes an opt out in our daily lives and we find that we have forgotten to manage stressful or difficult situations in any other way.

This is because there is a part of our brain that is responsible for our survival and where our fight, flight, freeze reactions are stored. The fight reaction is usually expressed using anger. These reactions were the basic instincts of primitive man and anger will definitely have assisted in fighting off an attack from a wild beast or two.

In our modern day life, we have retained these responses from our survival brain and when we feel threatened or stressed we produce an overload of adrenaline which can activate the fight or flight area of the brain encouraging us to ‘fight’ or ‘run away’.

However, in the modern day world, fighting isn’t usually an appropriate response so we feel frustrated and over time, having stored these frustrations, we may find that we have inappropriate outbursts of anger.

Being unable to manage these angry outbursts may lead to problems with your mental and physical health. Anger issues can affect many aspects of your daily life and you could find yourself alienating those close to you at home and in your work place.

During the Initial Consultation I will talk to you about the area of the mind that can promote these negative behaviours and how we are going to help you move away from them. Moving forward to subsequent sessions, I will provide supportive tools, tips and research based on neuroscience to help you manage stressful situations, feeling calm and in control.