weight loss

The Truth About Weight Loss & How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Do you find it difficult to lose weight?  Many of my clients have been struggling to lose weight when we…

24 Jun 2022

The Impact of Stress & How Hypnotherapy Can Help

April is Stress Awareness Month so it seems very fitting to do a blog on stress!  Stress is something that…

11 Apr 2022

Struggling with IBS Symptoms? Let’s Change That! 

IBS is a common condition and it can affect as many as 1 in 5 people in the UK. If…

04 Apr 2022

December Stress? 
Let’s Ease Stress & Anxiety This December

December is a stressful time for many of us and it can pass in a whirlwind of frustration, anxiety and…

17 Dec 2021
Cloudy Skies

Obsessive, Compulsive Disorders – OCD

I thought it might be great to have a chat about OCD as I seem to have had a lot…

01 Mar 2021
woman huddled up depressed

Mental Health Awareness Week Kindness

Recent global events have been life changing in so many different ways for everyone. As we are taking tentative steps…

17 May 2020
The power is in your hands

Your Hands and your Brain, a powerful combo

Watching the news on Sunday I wanted to cry! I don’t know what I expected, and honestly I completely agree…

12 May 2020

Award Winning Hypnotherapist… a journey

So, I won an award!! I never intended to win an award but somehow here I am with a trophy…

30 Mar 2020

Lockdown – Working from home

  Well what a week this has been. Being made to stay home and not leave the house is most…

30 Mar 2020

Resolutions – There are no rules

Hi! Welcome to my page and thanks for joining me. Like everyone else I know I have made resolutions for…

09 Jan 2019