Starting sixth form or college? Welcome to responsibility.

03 Sep 2019

It seems like only yesterday you were celebrating your last day of school before an exciting summer break. You’ve finished your GCSEs, you’ve done the hard work and you are looking forward to a much deserved break. But then just like that, in the blink of an eye it is September and it’s time to start college or sixth form – which is where the real work begins.

You might be starting your next phase of studies at a brand new establishment or carrying on at the same school; either way things are going to be a lot different from now on and whether you fully understand this yet or not, you may be feeling some anxiety about starting this next phase in your education and life. They say that the jump from GSCE to A-Level is a bigger one than A-Level to University and this can be a very daunting prospect when you are just at the beginning of it all, especially if you felt like your GSCEs were a lot to handle.

The good news is you have less subjects to worry about, the bad news is, it’s all your responsibility. Being young, but not a child anymore, you may begin to feel the weight of this next big responsibility and this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and struggling with feelings like anxiety and depression. If you have these feelings, it’s important first to note that it is completely normal, but also that hypnotherapy can help.

How Can Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy Help at School?

People talk about therapy or counselling as the most common forms of treatment for these types of feelings, and while these can be extremely effective, Hypnotherapy takes a different more holistic approach.

Hypnotherapy focuses on positivity and the unconscious mind. It uses deep relaxation to encourage your unconscious mind to react differently and gives you the tools to understand why you may feel certain things and where they are coming from using a biological perspective. By understanding your mind on these two levels, we are able to work together to change the negative thought processes that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. So very quickly you become more focused, confident and positive in your approach to the new social and intellectual challenges that await you.

So, as you begin this academic year ready to take on two years of hard work and study, it is important to remain aware of how you feel and don’t hesitate to reach out to family, friends or peers for help if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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