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What to do when your anxiety feels as overwhelming as this heatwave

27 Jul 2019

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The heatwave we have experienced this week has left the country in tatters. In a country like England it is common for people to long for the sunshine and heat as it’s not something we often see much of, but, from travel delays to trouble sleeping, we do not cope well.

This can be extremely reminiscent of our own day to day lives. We strive for more and take on additional workloads and responsibilities and when we finally achieve the things that we want, we can feel overwhelmed or under satisfied. These feelings are often something we don’t anticipate and can lead to us feeling like we are failing and cannot cope – why can’t we when everyone else is coping, aren’t they? This way of thinking can cause a cycle of negativity and leave us feeling like we are stuck in a rut. So what can we do?

How Can Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy Help With a Heatwave?

Solution focused hypnotherapy helps you understand your own patterns of negative thinking and why they may exist. The brain’s unconscious decision making plays a pivotal role in how we see the world and ourselves and by understanding how and why this happens we can begin to make positive changes that will set off ripple effects through our lives and contribute to an overall more positive experience.

Hypnotherapy uses a combination of education, focus on positivity and deep relaxation to train your unconscious mind into viewing your situation for what it is rather than for what it may make you feel like. This means that people who have had hypnotherapy see their perceived problems as something that can be managed and overcome rather than something debilitatingly overwhelming. These overwhelming feelings often manifest themselves into anxiety and/or depression which go on to have impacts through other areas of your life.

With the help of Hypnotherapy you can tackle this head on and begin to feel like you again, living a more positive life, where you feel in control and happy to aspire to more once again.

The techniques you will learn during your hypnotherapy sessions can be utilised in a number of different areas in your life. So when you come across a situation that makes you feel out of your depth, you can turn to those techniques to help you through. As you progress through your sessions you will begin to realise that situations that may have previously sent you into a spin, are now something you are easily able to navigate and conquer. And like a heatwave, those negative thoughts will fade away, leaving you comfortable and you again

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