Initial Consultation

  • Approximately one hour
    Available in my relaxing therapy room on online via zoom

During the Initial Consultation we will spend the time discussing the reason you are seeking hypnotherapy and what your expectations of hypnotherapy are. 

Once I have taken some basic information from you and assessed your case I will spend some time talking to you about the workings of the brain and give you an insight as to why you are suffering and what we can do about it.

This is usually when a client has a ‘light bulb’ moment and becomes excited at how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help them.


To continue, I then give you an overview of how we would proceed in the hypnotherapy sessions, including the trance process, which is a far more common experience than most think.

At this point I would ensure you understand the process and we would discuss your commitment, including an agreed approximate number of sessions you would need. I would also give you a link to my relaxation download or a CD if you prefer.

This time spent together helps us to develop a bond and form a working relationship. At this point you can decide if you feel comfortable and wish to proceed with subsequent sessions, however there is no pressure to make a decision at the consultation, it is a big commitment and I want you to feel completely happy with your decision to proceed.

Don’t just take my word for it, see how I’ve helped other clients with lots of different concerns – click here.


Subsequent Sessions

  • Approximately 50 minutes
    Available in my relaxing therapy room or online via zoom

These sessions are usually made up of 25 minutes of positive communication where we discuss your progress and recap your ultimate goal. You will talk about the positive things that have happened in your week – things that have made you smile or feel good.

We will focus on solutions only and will not dwell on any negativesI will then help you to imagine the future you envisage, a future where you have a positive perspective on life, where you can think of all there is to look forward to.


Once the talking therapy part is completed I will guide you through a relaxing journey of Hypnosis where I will use guided imagery, positive language and metaphors to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a calm, relaxed mind.

When we are in a hypnotic trance we can be more responsive to indirect suggestion, helping to alleviate negative thought patterns. It is very common for us to achieve a hypnotic state several times a day – when we are engrossed in a tv programme, when driving on the motorway. I’m sure we have all had that feeling of arriving home and not remembering coming through the town or coming off from the motorway?

The trance session usually lasts 25 minutes, this is hugely relaxing and helps you feel positive and confident and ready to embrace the week ahead.