Don’t just take my word for it…

“I can now be in a room with a spider and stay very calm”
Thank you thank you thank you to this lady! ​

Spiders gave me panic attacks, made me emotional and sometimes sick… more thanks to Caron!

I can now be in a room with a spider and stay very calm…..and look, I can even have a bit of fun with my Halloween snap chat filters…..if you need help with a phobia Caron is the one to go to!

Georgina, Westhoughton, Bolton

“I feel like I am back to my old self again”
I went to Caron for 6 sessions as I was suffering with anxiety. She is absolutely amazing! I feel like I am back to my old self again .

The relaxation recording works wonders. I listened to it everyday for 6 weeks and it definitely helped me a lot .

If you are feeling down and suffering with anxiety I can highly recommend Caron at Havisham Hynotherapy.

Don’t suffer ! She can help you help yourself ❤️❤️

Emma , Horwich, Bolton

“The sessions were fantastic in reducing stress levels”
Caron’s sessions were the first time I have had any kind of hypnotherapy and I didn’t know what to expect at first.

The sessions were fantastic in reducing stress levels and I always felt relaxed afterwards.

Caron was always very professional and reassuring, and the room used was warm and comfortable. The downloaded version of the hypnotherapy cd has been brilliant for use at home whenever needed, and I have shared it with my two pre-teen daughters to help them relax or sleep with great results. thank you Caron. X”

Viv , Horwich, Bolton

“Thank you for making me feel like me again”
After having one of the best weekends of my life I thought it was appropriate to give the biggest thank you to Caron Iley at Havisham Hypnotherapy, my absolute saviour for more reasons than one.

I’ve never been one to open up and talk about my problems but now feels the right time in the hope that my little story may help somebody else.

However, when I was little I once fainted on a very busy train, I’d got too hot but I woke up and I was fine.. this unfortunately sparked into me avoiding trains as I got older in case it happened again, which then sparked me avoiding any sort of busy atmosphere or always looking for my escape route in fear that I’d get too hot and ‘wouldn’t be able to get out’ – this got worse when I would have a panic attack every time I got on a plane as of course, once you get on you can’t get off. For years I had these feelings that I didn’t quite understand, had no idea what was going on and why I felt the way I did but they just got worse, to the point where my home (now mum & dad’s house) became my safe place and I avoided leaving it.

I became anxious going to work, going out with friends – putting myself in any situation where I was travelling too far away from my safe place and I can honestly say I was a broken girl to the point where I cry when I think of that person I used to be. After a big cry for help my mum found Caron and I began my therapy sessions every week – setting myself goals such as going to Manchester, going on night breaks in the UK – but my ultimate goal was going on a plane as I hadn’t been on holiday in 2+ years and for a young girl missing out on going away with friends and loved ones was a massive thing but just the thought would send me into panic – it was too far from my safe place.

Fast forward 1 year – I moved out of my safe place and into my new home with my best friend when I realised it wasn’t where I was that made me feel safe, it was who I was with – my loved ones. We booked Disney for my birthday as we knew it was the best place to go for my first flight – Disney has always had a huge place in all my family’s hearts so it was perfect. Caron helped me so much from the moment I booked the flights – positive thinking was key and despite having our home burgled, and my phone stolen this month I put it behind me and moved on knowing what had happened wasn’t worth letting it affect my progress.

I never in a million years thought I’d be writing something like this and never thought I’d actually be able to go on holiday but I did and it’s all thanks to the massive support system I have around me, I can’t thank my family, boyfriend, a few friends and of course Caron enough.

After a lot of (happy) tears later, I’m home with the best memories of the most amazing weekend

So after all this I just need to say the biggest thank you, thank you. thank you to Caron for all the help that she has given me and for making me feel like me again , I really don’t know where I’d be right now having not met her.

And please if anyone reading this is struggling, with anything, I can’t recommend Caron enough please don’t suffer alone.

Every week Caron would ask me where I am on a scale of 1-10 of how I’m feeling, I started over a year ago at 1 and today I am FINALLY a 10!

Olivia, Horwich, Bolton

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