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“The sessions were fantastic in reducing stress levels”

Caron’s sessions were the first time I have had any kind of hypnotherapy and I didn’t know what to expect at first.

The sessions were fantastic in reducing stress levels and I always felt relaxed afterwards.

Caron was always very professional and reassuring, and the room used was warm and comfortable. The downloaded version of the hypnotherapy cd has been brilliant for use at home whenever needed, and I have shared it with my two pre-teen daughters to help them relax or sleep with great results.
Thank you Caron

Viv – Horwich, Bolton


“I can now be in a room with a spider and stay very calm”

Thank you thank you thank you to this lady! ​
Spiders gave me panic attacks, made me emotional and sometimes sick… more thanks to Caron!

I can now be in a room with a spider and stay very calm…..and look, I can even have a bit of fun with my Halloween snap chat filters…..if you need help with a phobia Caron is the one to go to!

Georgina – Westhoughton, Bolton


“I feel like I am back to my old self again”

I went to Caron for 6 sessions as I was suffering with anxiety. She is absolutely amazing! I feel like I am back to my old self again .

The relaxation recording works wonders. I listened to it everyday for 6 weeks and it definitely helped me a lot .

If you are feeling down and suffering with anxiety I can highly recommend Caron at Havisham Hynotherapy.

Don’t suffer ! She can help you help yourself ❤️❤️

Emma – Horwich, Bolton


“Thank you for making me feel like me again”

When I was little I once fainted on a very busy train, I’d got too hot but I woke up and I was fine.. this unfortunately sparked into me avoiding trains as I got older in case it happened again, which then sparked me avoiding any sort of busy atmosphere or always looking for my escape route in fear that I’d get too hot and ‘wouldn’t be able to get out’ – this got worse when I would have a panic attack every time I got on a plane as of course, once you get on you can’t get off.
I became anxious going to work, going out with friends – putting myself in any situation where I was travelling too far away from my safe place.
After a big cry for help my mum found Caron and I began my therapy sessions every week.  My ultimate goal was going on a plane as I hadn’t been on holiday in 2+ years.
Fast forward 1 year – We booked Disney for my birthday as we knew it was the best place to go for my first flight.
Caron helped me so much from the moment I booked the flights – positive thinking was key.

After a lot of (happy) tears later, I’m home with the best memories of the most amazing weekend.

So after all this I just need to say the biggest thank you to Caron for all the help that she has given me and for making me feel like me again, I really don’t know where I’d be right now having not met her.

And please if anyone reading this is struggling, with anything, I can’t recommend Caron enough please don’t suffer alone.
Olivia – Horwich, Bolton

“We achieved my personal goals within 5 weeks”

I wanted to increase my confidence within social and work environment and in turn reduce my anxiety as I felt that was holding me back progressing in my career

Yes 100%, I am now able to do things I didn’t think I would be ever able to do especially in work in front of an audience but now it seems second nature and very easy for me to do. I always thought that this was just how I was and never expected to become this confident and achieved this goal, if I knew this was achievable I would have done this a lot sooner.

We achieved my personal goals within 5 weeks which we had initial set a target of 8 weeks, I could not of achieved any of this without Havisham Hypnotherapy and I cant recommend them enough.​

Morgan – Bury, Greater Manchester

“Caron helped me achieve a more positive state of mind”

Taking back control of my mind with relaxation and positive thinking.
Caron helped me achieve a more positive state of mind and good relaxation techniques.

Recommend Caron to anyone suffering in silence with personal issues that need addressing before they get completely out of hand. Thanks Caron for getting me back to myself.

Would definitely recommend Havisham Hypnotherapy.

David – Bolton, Greater Manchester


“The sessions that she has attended have made a massive difference”

I took my daughter, who was (like many teenagers) suffering from anxiety related issues.
The sessions that she has attended have made a massive difference, she’s not as anxious, or having related panic attacks anymore.

We are spending much more positive time together, and see now has new strategies for dealing with difficult situations, and is much calmer, and much happier.

Maddie age 12 – Horwich, Bolton


“There are so many ways Caron has helped me”

My friend recommended Caron over 12 months ago and that’s when I started my regular hypnotherapy sessions.
My reasons for wanting to see Caron were 3 fold.
Firstly help to manage my anxiety, which I had previously tried to get help via the NHS but unfortunately wasn’t much support and there were long wait times as well as a maximum number of 6 appointments.
Secondly my lack of self confidence and self belief and finally my fear of hospital appointments and procedures. I had recently undergone my first colonoscopy which had left me very shaken and terrified.

So where to start, firstly you can be yourself with no fear of judgement when you are talking to Caron. She is so relaxed, friendly and easy to talk to. Each week we start discussing all the positives, even little ones. As thinking positive is key to progress. It’s great as you soon start to notice yourself when you are being negative so then I try to turn it around.
We do some brain revision each week for only a short time nothing too complex but helps you understand more about the brain and why positive thinking helps.

There are so many ways Caron has helped me for example getting a promotion at work and learning this new role whilst working from home in lockdown, which has been very challenging, also my greatest achievement is being able to attend many more hospital appointments in the last 12 months on my own and be totally fine, ie mammogram (where in the past I have left the room in floods of tears) and undergoing embarrassing CAT scans as well as talking to consultants who used to intimidate me.
I can now tackle all these on my own whereas in the past I would have wanted my husband present. That’s been a great achievement in my mind and I feel I am able to manage my anxiety daily by putting into place what Caron has taught me.

So now I have all these tools including also the nightly downloads to listen to, which help me to manage my anxiety and if I do have a bad day I know it’s just that, one day.

Lisa – Adlington, Lancashire

Panic Attacks (13 year old)

“After 2 1/2 months of weekly visits to Havisham Hypnotherapy my Son has his life back”

Caron was recommended to me by a friend.
I called her because my 13 year old son was struggling horrendously with anxiety and panic attacks. The disruptions caused by Covid-19 had really taken their toll and left him having crippling anxiety, unable to eat, in constant stomach pain and unable to function at school.

We felt desperate.

I called Caron and felt reassured straight away, she booked us an appointment quickly, just talking to her gave us hope.
After 2 1/2 months of weekly visits to Havisham Hypnotherapy my son has his life back. He is now armed with the tools he needs, and I am armed with an understanding of anxiety that now helps me support my son.
Caron provided us with a caring, supportive environment where she explained how the brain works in a way that I have never heard before, a way that made sense of the chaos.

Caron helped us through a very difficult and upsetting time, guiding and educating us, and for that we are incredibly grateful. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with anxiety, she quite literally saved us!

Nicola – Bolton, Greater Manchester

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