Treating Anxiety In Children and Adolescents

03 Jul 2019

More than 1 in 10 people are likely to have a disabling anxiety disorder in their lifetime. With the prominence of anxiety in our society growing every year, it comes as no surprise that the prevalence in children and adolescents is growing too.

Anxiety can be debilitating and difficult to deal with as an adult. Throw hormones, immaturity and out of control emotions into the mix and that is the reality of anxiety for children. Not only are there a number of physical and physiological changes going on in children’s bodies, but they are also manoeuvring their way through an overwhelming amount of social, educational and personal challenges that can exacerbate the tendency for anxiety.

How Does Anxiety Effect Young People Differently?

For children and young adolescents, anxiety can feel like an impossible situation and can cause problems and difficulties in many different areas of their lives. A child’s anxiety and their symptoms can be a major disruption to the family unit. Understanding where the anxiety is coming from and learning how to deal with it when it arises can be life changing for the child and the family!

Hypnotherapy is a natural way of treating anxiety in children and teenagers. By teaching them in an age appropriate way how their brain is working and why they may be reacting in certain ways to certain stressors can provide a huge respite for children suffering with anxiety. Solution focused hypnotherapy works with the child and their caregiver to understand why the mind is working the way it is and learn techniques to manage the negative thoughts that may arise and cause stress. By teaching the client how to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, we can see adolescent life, and the factors that make it stressful, become more manageable. This helps young people to overcome the obstacles that they feel are blocking them from achieving what they want.

Anxiety in children can manifest in a number of ways, whether that withdrawn behaviour, eating disorders, anti social behaviour, reluctance to engage, negative attitude, anger and aggression to the family or even low mood and depression. During those pivotal years, anxiety can become so overwhelming that it can feel like there is no end in sight.

How We Can Help

Solution focused hypnotherapy aims to help children to stop dwelling on the negatives – including the things (and people) they cannot change or influence, and start focusing on the positives of here and now so that they can get back to living a carefree life as a child should.

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