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Post-May Day Blues – and how to beat them!

07 May 2019

That Monday Feeling

We’re all familiar with that Sunday feeling. The feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach as Monday, and reality, looms closer. Now times that by ten and you have the post may day blues.

The bank holiday is a source of excitement for us all, an extra day away from the office or the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives, where we can do whatever we like without external pressures. It’s a joyful and rare time that we can spend with our families, hopefully in the sun. But as the long weekend draws closer, we all too often start thinking about how quickly it may pass us by. We may start to feel stressed about our free time ending before it has already begun.

It’s a natural thought process to feel disappointed when the bank holiday Monday evening arrives, the bed time routine begins and the alarms for the working day are set. What can be problematic is if we start feeling this disappointment too soon, this is called negative forecasting and is a common behaviour among many of us.

How May Day Blues Causes Problems

The need to plan and be in control of things can cause us to negatively forecast, we may convince ourselves we are planning or preparing for every eventuality, when in reality we are taking away our own joy. Negative forecasting refers to thought patterns that focus on the negative outcomes rather than the positives, focusing on the bank holiday and joy coming to an end rather than the joy currently being experienced.

If you’re experiencing anxiety, the primitive amygdala area of the brain takes control and this can cause negative thought patterns to start occurring. When this happens, it can feel like negativity is the most prominent feeling in your mind, but with treatment like Hypnotherapy, you can learn techniques that help you to take back control and start thinking from your intelligent mind instead of your primitive. When you start working towards this, you will notice that events or situations that previously caused you stress and anxiety, now don’t seem like such a big problem.

How You Can Tackle The Post-May Day Feeling

If you find that Monday arrives and you’re feeling blue, think back to the past week and think, talk about or write down every instance that was positive or made you smile. From good weather to good food there will be plenty of things, no matter how big or small, that were positive in your week. Then remember that another week lies ahead and with that comes countless opportunities for more positivity rather than negativity. Then set your alarm for Tuesday morning with a smile on your face and hopefulness for all the exciting things the week ahead may bring and look back at your long weekend with fondness and be thankful for all the happy memories you may have made.

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