Is online Hypnotherapy safe and effective?

Yes! Most of my clients prefer to have their sessions online as they feel comfortable and relaxed in their home environment. This can only benefit their progress with the therapy and add to the therapeutic alliance.
During the last year online hypnotherapy has become popular, however most of us in this industry have been working online with clients for some time, clients who live far from the clinic or abroad!

It is very pleasing to see more and more research backing up the benefits of online hypnotherapy

How many sessions will I need?

Sessions vary depending on what you would like help with, for example, Stop Smoking only requires one session, some phobias only need 4 sessions. With mental health conditions I usually find that a client’s level of commitment can determine the number of sessions.
During the Initial consultation I will be able to offer an approximate number but ultimately, I am guided by my clients and their commitment.

Will Hypnotherapy work for me?

Quite simply, if you want the hypnotherapy to work then it will!
A clients commitment to the process is key in the success of the therapy.

What does trance feel like?

We go into trance many times a day, when we are driving or concentrating on a task. I use a voice induction to move you into a trance state and at this time you will have full control but may be aware of my voice drifting in and out of your consciousness. It will feel dreamlike and you may feel a heaviness in your limbs. It is a wonderful feeling and you will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Will I stay hypnotised?

No, I will ask you to open your eyes at the end of the trance session and you will. You will leave the clinic feeling awake and refreshed.

Is Hypnotherapy safe for children?

I personally work with children from the age of 10 and have found that they respond to hypnotherapy positively. Depending on the condition, children usually require less sessions than adults due to their lack of life experiences.