When we have symptoms of depression or have a low mood it can be difficult to feel positive again.  Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to think more positively and help you maintain a positive outlook on life. You are one click away from a happier you.

Sessions: Usually 8 – 12
Please note, results can vary



Depression is a serious medical condition that is far more common than is generally acknowledged. It can make you feel persistently negative about your life and the way you think and act. It can cause a feeling of overwhelming sadness and can lead to a variety of emotional problems. It affects people in various different ways; some people lose interest in social events and activities that they had previously enjoyed, some find it extremely debilitating causing them to withdraw socially and not function appropriately at work and home.

​Unfortunately not everyone is understanding and patient with people suffering with depression – you may be familiar with comments such as:

  • Snap out of it
  • What have you got to feel depressed about?
  • Pull yourself together
  • I’m fed up too but i can get out of bed!

These comments are not helpful and can only cause more sadness for the person suffering.

The good news is that Depression can usually be treated successfully with the correct treatment and support.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you find the positive in your life again which in turn will help you remember what makes you happy.. From the very beginning in the initial consultation we help you understand the reasons why you are suffering the way that you do using the very latest research in neuroscience. Once you have an understanding of why you are suffering we then begin work as a team, slowly and steadily to use the resources within you to help you feel like ‘you’ again.

A combination of talking therapy and trance are used in the subsequent sessions. Trance will help you relax and encourage a regular sleep pattern, it also cements the work we have done in the session. Waking up feeling energised, you will start to look forward to the day and view the world in a more positive light, this helps you rediscover and enjoy the areas of your life that you may have been avoiding.


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